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May 2016


Jane Schleinzer      We’re still working to sign up enough Representatives and Senators to pass the Mayflower Commemorative Coin Act. Have you asked your Congressman and Senators to co-sponsor these bills? We have been told that it may take multiple phone calls and letters before our representatives will sign up to co-sponsor the bill. They may also say they will consider it when it comes up for a vote. The bill will not come up for a vote unless we have 67 Senators and 287 Congressman co-sponsoring the bills. We need you to contact your representatives now!

     Ask your Senators to contact Tyler Hardy in Senator Hoeven’s office, to co-sponsor S. 1715.

     Ask your Congressman to contact Gary Timmins in Representative Foster’s office, to co-sponsor H. R. 2980.

     Let them know how important your Mayflower roots are to you. We have a letter written for you. Click here for the letter to mail or email to your Representative in the House. Click here for the letter to mail or email to your Senator. If possible email this letter to your representatives. Thank you for your help in this.

     Have you had a chance to sign up for the Amazon Smile program yet? Don’t forget the "Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois" is now part of the Smile program. I hope you make our Society the charity that will benefit from your shopping. I have set up my account and I will be shopping Amazon from now on. The link for Amazon Smile is here. Just enter "Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of Illinois" into the search window and click "Search".

     Will you be able to attend our Annual meeting on May 14? I do hope so! This meeting we have a very special guest. Our Governor General Lea Sinclair Filson will be joining us.

     Once again your Board of Assistants is taking one of our meetings on the road. We will again be part of the Illinois Heritage Alliance weekend. Our meeting will be on September 17, 2016 at 11 AM. Click on this link for the invitation for this event. This is a great chance for you to see your Board of Assistants at work for you!

     I hope to see all of you at one or all of the events we have planned. Please keep watching the website for information and updates on the Society. I look forward to working with all of you in the future. If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, please let me know. Your board and I are here to serve you!

Jane Schleinzer
Illinois Mayflower Society

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